The 4 Main Types of Exercise For A Healthy Lifestyle

The 4 Main Types of Exercise For A Healthy Lifestyle!

ShareTweetPin2shares In this 21st century, we often get confused with the types of exercise that we want to follow to the types of physical exercise that we follow. By looking at all the videos to

In this 21st century, we often get confused with the types of exercise that we want to follow to the types of physical exercise that we follow. By looking at all the videos to reading all the articles on the internet, we sometimes get into the habit of skipping the exercises due to too much of information on the internet.

But for leading a healthy lifestyle, it is very important to get into the habit of doing at least half an hour of full body workout because even if it is for half an hour, your body is still going through some kind of movement which thereby helps in better circulation of blood flow, improving physical strength and reducing signs of depression.

Where exercises can help in making you feel happy, it also helps in making your body feel energetic and healthy. So from various types of simple exercises to types of physical exercises, let’s look into the 4 main types of exercise for a healthy lifestyle.  


The 4 Main Types of Exercise For A Healthy Lifestyle

1. Strength Training:

Strength training is a type of physical exercise that helps in building back the strength that our body loses after a certain age. It is a type of exercise that helps in reducing the chances of getting injured while playing any sport activities. For e.g. If a person does regular strength training, then he/she can feel more confident and capable of doing the daily household tasks like gardening, lifting heavier items, getting up from the chair and carrying groceries from the market.

Strength training exercises include pushups, lunges, squats, weight lifting and plank. Remind you if your body feels some type of soreness then it is a sign that you are working up to the mark. So, keep on the good work and never say no to physical exercises.

2. Aerobic Exercise:

Aerobic exercises are not only interesting and fun to do, but they are great for increasing the endurance level and stimulating the heart rate and breathing rate in a person. If you’re a person who has a tough time during walking on the staircase, then it is the time that you  need to include aerobic exercises in your life.

Aerobic exercises also help in lowering down the blood pressure and sugar levels, relaxing the blood vessel walls, reducing inflammation, burning the body fat and most importantly making you fit. Some of the aerobic exercises include walking, running, skipping, swimming, cardio kickboxing and Zumba. 

3. Stretching:

Stretching helps in blocking the pain and giving you a real time amazing feel. Not only that, but stretching helps in maintaining the flexibility of the body that increases the range of motion and reduces the risk of any injury. Even three times a week of stretching can really help in improving the muscle’s felt elasticity and muscle tone.

Some of the stretching exercises include standing hamstring stretch, lunge with spinal twist, butterfly stretch, side bend stretch and standing quad stretch. However, don’t ever exceed or push the boundaries of your stretch as it will result in pain and will tighten the muscles resulting in giving bad effects to your body.

4. Balance exercises:

Balancing exercises are also one of the most important types of physical exercise that our body needs in order to prevent from falling later in life. Usually after a certain age, the system of our- the one that maintains the balance like the vision, leg muscles and joints, inner ear tends to break down. In order to prevent this from happening, we have balancing exercises like standing on one foot, walking on uneven surfaces, leg lifts and squats, walking heel to toe with eyes open and closed or plank with flying plane arms ready to improve your balancing game. Also, if possible then head over a physical therapist before you go further with your exercises as they have a better knowledge about your good and weak points in the body.

So, now that you know the 4 main types of exercises for a healthy lifestyle, then feel free to start your own full body workout routine. From best workout routine for beginners to the the fastest way to drop weight, if you are passionate enough and want to start your own health plan then don’t be afraid, try it out from today onwards.

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